Sunday, August 19, 2018
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Government committed to Porgera MOA

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The Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) has assured all parties to the Porgera Mining Project Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), that it is committed to completing the review of the revised MOA.

The Acting Managing Director the MRA Nathan Mosusu, said that it wants what is best for all parties concerned, hence it is prepared to commit its resources to ensure that the review is completed.

Mr Mosusu made these remarks in light of the review of the revised MOA which the stakeholders had in Mt Hagen last week. He appealed to all parties to continue to exercise common courtesy, respect and understanding while negotiating benefits.

“We must be willing to loose something and gain something. No one can win everything in a negotiation. This comes when you understand and respect the other parties and their views,” said Mr Mosusu.

He said what is important is that the government of the day will continue to facilitate and provide a platform for negotiations going forward, as it is its duty to ensure all parties’ views are heard.

He said the MRA has the political support through the Mining Minister Hon Johnson Tuke who is also committed to progressing outstanding MOA reviews. Mr Mosusu said he was generally happy with the outcome of the review process.

In the review forum in Hagen, the parties discussed royalty distribution, Special Support Grants, issues affecting the Porgera Development Authority and other benefits streams. The parties to the MOA are the State, the Porgera Landowners Association and Enga Provincial Government. The developer Barrick (PNG) Limited is an observer at present.

The acting MD thanked members of the State Team and their departments for their contributions towards the negotiations. The departments are Mineral Policy & Geohazards Management (DMPGM), Treasury, National Planning & Monitoring, Conservation Environment Protection Authority (CEPA), Prime Minister & NEC and Commerce Trade & Industry.

Photo caption: Chairman of the Porgera Landowners Association Mark Ekepa (center) and his executives discussing issues during the MOA negotiations last week in Mt Hagen.

Photo caption: Former Member of Parliament for Laigaip-Porgera Nickson Mangape who is also a leader of the landowners, makes a point during the MOA negotiations last week.

Photo caption: The various parties at the MOA negotiation in Mt Hagen last week.

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